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Who created Zmena INC?       


Zmena INC was created by Merlene and Kurdesia. They are two women that, throughout their challenging lives,  always dreamt of finding new ways to express their induvial styles and sensuality in their own unique matter. And so, Zmena INC was born. Through this medium, they will also show other women that expressing themselves through high-quality, unique clothing items can boost their confidence levels, and in doing so, making them much happier. We believe that confidence is essential to the modern women, and a simple purchase, can indeed make all the difference.

Each item can  bring a new perspective not only to how you look, but also to how you feel. Raise your self-esteem,  enhance your confidence levels and just have fun. It can be tricky to reach that point, but we know that eliminating all those fears and just expressing yourself can be very rewarding.

Why did we create Zmena INC?

We wanted to show that it’s not impossible to find high quality products without spending a lot of money. We are firm believers that you can always get the results you want even if you have a smaller budget. Granted, you do need to think outside the box, but once you do that, it’s all worth the effort. We all know that when we look better, we feel better and this is where our services and products are unmatched and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It’s one of those things that can really make a huge difference. 

Zmena INC is all about empowering women to express themselves unapologetically. Our unique designs offer you a chance to boost your confidence and just enjoy your time on this planet. In life we may face challenges, but, one thing we shouldn’t worry about is being our authentic selves in our day-to-day fashion. Believe in yourself and what you are about, because that’s what gives you the best results at all times. Can it be a challenge? Absolutely, but with the right look and positive attitude you can overcome any obstacle in your way.

It’s our belief that Zmena INC has the potential to change your life as much as it changed ours. These products definitely made us happier, and we believe that they can make your life better as well. At the end of the day, all the little things matter, and if you tackle things correctly, nothing can stand in your way.

About Merlene   

Merlene is a previous business owner who has 13+ years of experience in the fields of real estate, hair and beauty. She was born in Trinidad, but migrated to the United States of America for a fresh start with her youngest daughter, Who was 12 years old at the time. Merlene is a mother of four and although it was extremely challenging at times, her tough demeanor and admission combined with the fact that she never gives up, ensured that she provided a normal life for her children.

Merlene’s expertise and experience however, did not prepare her for what laid ahead. With her soul focus being providing a great future for her family. 

She worked as a child care provider and as a cleaner in New York City, for 10 years. Of course, something like this can be very challenging. Merlene found herself dealing with a lot of stress from work, and she barely had any time to interact with her daughter. What this meant is that she was unable to be there during those special moments and events. She focused a lot on the idea of helping her children and creating a great future for them. As you can imagine, she was ok with the idea of sacrificing herself and her time in order to make sure that her kids will have a great life and just enjoy every moment.


It was at that time when Merlene had the idea that would eventually spark into Zmena INC. She wanted to find some way to regain her freedom, flexibility and independence. Her job was great, she was able to live and work in one of the nicest cities in the world. However, the fact that she was left with little to no time for herself and her family was an obstacle that she had to eliminate as soon fast as possible.   


Something like this was not going to be accomplished overnight. It required a lot of planning and focus, but it was well worth the effort. You can see the fruits of her labor in the Zmena INC website, as it showcase all her ideas, products and creative flair.

About Kurdesia 


Kurdesia was born and also raised in Trinidad, and she had a lot of hands-on training at her mother’s salon. This  meant that she was able to learn a lot about the fashion industry early on in life. Little did she knew, this would help propel her to where she is today. An interesting fact here is that Kurdesia always dreamt of having her own business and not working for someone else.

After learning from the best, she became very business savvy at her mother’s salon. Experience was indeed the best teacher. Through Kurdesia excelled in academics, she always had a natural flair for fashion. She often browsed fashion websites from an early age and was always trying to keep up with the trends. Fashion was definitely in the cards for Kurdesia.

She continually strived to learn more and she eventually got her certification in makeup artistry and interior design. It allowed her to constantly push things to the next level and express her unique ideas in this field. It was obviously something very challenging, but it did end up helping her quite a bit in the long run. She worked hard to pursue her dreams despite her father’s wishes to see his daughter hired in a law firm.

Her first step in this field was to work as a freelance makeup artist. At the same time, she was also working in retail, trying to earn as much money as possible to sustain her lifestyle and also invest in her dream.

Unfortunately, her dreams came to an end after she ended up in a car accident. This accident brought numerous limitations in her life, something that Kurdesia didn’t want to accept. She lost her independence, but she still wanted to pursue her dream and she wanted to do something quickly. It was at that time when the idea to create her own online business came to be, and with this came very interesting lessons and wonderful  rewards

How was Zmena INC created?

The idea to create Zmena INC was something that both Kurdesia and Merlene had in their mind for quite some time. Even if there were different reasons, both of them wanted to create an online business that would allow them to pursue their dreams and their passions. Establishing an online store was not an easy task, but it became a reality.

After recapping on their lives in Trinidad, they realized that they have quite a lot of things in common. That was a love for retail therapy, accessories, clothing and beauty. With this realization,  they began to plan a business that encompassed everything they were both passionate about. It was now time to bring these ideas to life. Kurdesia started to lay the groundwork for their budding company. After getting multiple compliments from previous clients.

She used Mahatma Ghandi’s words “You must be the change you want to see in the world”, which is what influenced their business name. Zmena means “Change” in Slovak, and it was the catalyst they needed to create their own business. Both of them agreed that their business should be something meaningful and different. Zmena INC would be a positive change in the fashion industry for all.

Through multiple months of planning, the main focus here was to create a business that helps women have a body-positive attitude and enhance their visual appeal. Despite the fact that they are both camera shy, Kurdesia and Merlene decided to be models for some of the lingerie and clothing pieces alongside a few other models that they hired. This made them feel more comfortable in their own skin, while also inspiring other women to do the same.

After that, they created a business environment where employees would be respected and where they would have all the necessary flexibility they needed. They only hired talented individuals that impressed both Merlene and Kurdesia with their ideas and views.

The next step was to establish a powerful community. That’s why you can find Zmena INC on social pages such as Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. They believed this is the best way to reach a lot of women faster and show them that high quality clothing has the potential to change their perspective and also make them happier in the long run.

They knew that this type of task would be arduous, but in the end, through hard work and perseverance, Zmena INC would be a brand that would encourage and inspire people to push themselves to new heights!

Our mission    

We established Zmena INC with the idea of breaking the norm and just helping you feel great in your own body. The society has multiple views when it comes to how a woman should look in the modern age. While some people are ok with those norms, it’s important to be able to express yourself the way you want, without being judge. That’s where Zmena INC really makes a difference, because it offers immediate access to the best lingerie, accessories and clothing with affordable prices.

Our focus is to bring to you, a variety of products that suit your mood, personality, style and ideas. It doesn’t matter what body type, age, gender or color you might be; the Zmena INC family is here to assist you. We hope you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoy creating and wrapping them for you!

“The way you dress, is the way you express! Why not showcase that uniqueness and let em take notes?”


– Merlene and Kurdesia

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